Qilin V2 BNBChain

Qilin V2 is also launching on BNB Chain as the first EVM-compatible ecosystem expansion. Having Qilin V2 available on BNB Chain has the following advantages:

  • BNB Chain has one of the largest altcoin markets in crypto;

  • The relatively nascent development of derivatives market on BNB Chain provides an ideal environment to bootstrap assets' derivatives trading pairs;

  • BNB Chain's average settlement finality of 3 seconds and average gas cost of 5 Gwei offer superior trading experience for derivatives traders.

In addition, to cater to the demand for derivatives trading, we are also making two features available for Qilin V2 BNBChain:

  • Referral rebate

  • Limit orders

Referral contract

  • Functionality: an invitation bond is created between the referrer address and the referee address via the Referral Contract

  • Settings: the referrer address can earn a 20% rebate from its own trading fees, a 60% rebate from its referee trading fees; the Borabora app can earn a 20% rebate of the referee's trading fee.

Limit order

  • Functionality: user presets a price that would trigger stop-loss/take-proff, opening position, or forced liquidation when the price is met;

  • Settings: while mark price position opening takes a fee of 20% of the gas cost, as forced liquidation fee, limit order openings take two fees each of 20% of the gas cost, as the stop-loss/profit-take and forced liquidation fee.

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