Are there any protocol fees?

Right now there is a protocol tx fees collected upon closing a position (0.05% of the position's value).

How does Qilin address the gas fee issue that is a big part of what makes on-chain trading unpleasant for users?

First, we optimize gas fees on the code level where we prevent repetitive tasking to improve code efficiency. Second, we tokenize core DEX service data and replace contract computation with less computationally intensive interactions such as transacting and burning of these tokens, as the gas cost of transactions is cheaper than that of running contract computation on EVM.

How’s the gas fee on Qilin compared to that on Uniswap’s and other derivatives protocols?

Currently, Qilin’s gas fees are 1.5x that of Uniswap, which, compared to other derivatives protocols, is at least 50% lower.

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