Liquidity Share Token

What is LP token and what problem to solve?

LP token is the voucher for LP to deposit the assets in pool, which is used as the voucher for the rights and interests of pool.

How does the transfer of liquidity share ownership take place when the ownership of the corresponding LS Token is transferred?

The LS Token serves as the proof of ownership of the underlying liquidity asset. Similar to the LP Token on Uniswap, when the ownership of LS Token is transferred, the underlying liquidity asset is transferred as well.

When LP redeems liquid assets with LS token, is LS token burned or transferred back to pool contract? What about the new liquidity injection?

When LP redeems liquid assets, LS token will be destroyed. When new liquidity is injected, the new LS token will be cast according to the current net value of LS token and the injected liquidity quantity.

Liquidity fragmentation

Would launching on different chains create liquidity fragmentation for some projects as some may try to concentrate liquidity initially?

When it comes to fragmented liquidity, we're exploring solutions with a cross-chain bridging protocol. For most projects we expect launching it in just one market initially.

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